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Why Choose Us?

  • Our local reputation is excellent due to our extensive resources and experience in successfully handling  immigration applications;
  • Our knowledgeable in-house Immigration Consultant is government certified and is extremely well-informed on Canadian immigration law;
  • Our North American-born certified Immigration Consultant understands Chinese fluently so there’s no need for a translator or interpreter during consultations;
  • We offer one-to-one consultations where we answer any question that you have and explain all aspects of the immigration process, from A to Z, in a clear and understandable manner;
  • We are constantly in contact with immigration and other authorities in order to stay informed of new immigration legislation and to help you decide which program of immigration is best for you and your family;
  • Our entire staff consists of successful immigrants to Canada who are not only fluent in the Chinese and English languages, but also understand and appreciate the many differences between the two cultures;
  • We are authorized to represent you before the Immigration and Refugee Board if you have submitted a previous application which was refused, or if your case has become inordinately complicated.