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Canada welcomes people who have ownership and/or management experience of a “Qualifying Business”, have a legally obtained minimum net worth of CND$800,000, and who can invest CND$400,000, interest-free, in the Canadian government’s Investment Immigration Fund. This program allows investors and their family members to become permanent residents in Canada as soon as their application is finalized, and is generally recognized as one of the fastest ways of immigrating to Canada. We at Goldyear can inform you if your business is a “Qualifying Business” and whether CIC will consider your business experience sufficient for this program. Our consultants & accountants will professionally prepare your application so that the Visa Officer responsible for your case clearly understands your how your money was obtained and how your business experience makes you eligible for this program. We can also introduce you to financial institutions in Canada who will accept a one-time payment of (about) CND$120,000 to loan $400,000 to the government’s Investment Immigration Fund. If you are interested in coming to Canada as an investment immigrant please contact us.