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Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

Most Canadian provinces are experiencing worker shortages in certain skilled and semi-skilled occupations. To help alleviate this problem provinces across Canada have created Provincial Nomination Programs which allow successful candidates “fast-track“ immigration to Canada. We have assisted our clients to successfully immigrate to Canada in under fifteen months in this program. The requirements for each PNP vary from province to province and would take up too much space to discuss in detail here. The first step in most PNPs is for an employer to make a job offer to a foreign worker in a skilled occupation experiencing worker shortages. Generally speaking, those who have experience in computer and health care occupations are in high demand as provincial nominees. However, British Columbia currently has a Provincial Nomination Program which allows certain unskilled occupations including waiters, waitresses, and construction workers to qualify as provincial nominees. Several other provinces also have Provincial Nomination Programs for semi- and un-skilled workers, in addition to PNPs for investors, business people, and international students in Canada. The requirements for PNPs are constantly changing, and we at Goldyear Business Group are aware of these changes as they happen. To find out which Provincial Nomination Program is right for you, please contact us.